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India's Best

Beauty Photographer

Beauty photography has evolved over the years and is one of the most adaptable genres. A beauty photo can be used for a variety of products and for alluring a wide range of customers, from skincare, makeup, jewellery or clothing. It is one field of photography where photographers have taken risks broke the norms and created some radical images that changed how beauty photography had been thought of.  Like rest of the world beauty photographers in Mumbai, Indiahas broken the stereotypes that were once associated with this particular field of photography. The play with colors, lights, and selection of models can be viewed in Vipin Gaur’s photographs and the collection in Vipin Gaur Photography.

As one of the well-known fashion photographers in India, Vipin Gaur has also made his name as a beauty photographer in Surat, India. His works reflect the variety and the wide range of beauty photography he has done so far, PLEASE GIVE THE LINK. There are few criteria that as a beauty photographer one needs to tick so that he/she can create photos that not only represent the brand but brings out the exquisiteness of the model on whom the product has been featured. Vipin Gaur Photography has checked those criteria in beauty photography thereby making him a sought-after beauty photographer in Delhi, Noida.  


A Team: To achieve top quality results the beauty photographer needs to have a strong team of creative professionals on whom he/she can rely on. If a shoot is a small, localized one it is possible to get beauty photographs without professional artists. But if a client requires a proper commercial shoot the session cannot be completed without professional hair and makeup artists. Beauty photographer of Noida, Vipin Gaur has his team of professionals ready to give the customized beauty photograph shoots that a client would require.  


Models: Select models who would complement the product, as it is the key to creating a great beauty photograph. One does not require conventional good looking faces to have a spectacular outcome, rather a photographer needs to scout model who looks after themselves well, has the skin that is ideal for photography and professional.


Lighting & Framing: Learn to frame and light the subject well. In beauty photography, the main criteria are to make the model look beautiful so avoid angles and lighting in dramatic fashion that would create unflattering shadows and expose the subject to issues like uneven skin textures, wrinkles or other problems. If you study Vipin Gaur’s works you will understand that in beauty photography it is important to avoid hard lights and even side lights rather use softbox that will create a soft light.


Understand the product: If the beauty portrait is for the purpose of promoting a brand or the product, the photographer needs to know and understand the brand or the product. According to that plan your beauty shoot.


Don’t be afraid: Study other photographer and portrait makers’ works and be influenced. But do not be afraid to break the boundaries, the stereotypes.


In Vipin Gaur’s works, a client will find all these and more. Being a reputed beauty photographer of Delhi, in Vipin’s work, the clients can find the depth in his beauty photographs as required by the brand that also tells a story. 

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