A New Breed of Fashion Photographers

Somebody asked me a question recently

“How suddenly these fashion photographers mushrooming everywhere?”

And my answer was “Because DSLRS have become more affordable and Facebook is a new world”

Well, actually, people don’t understand that owning a DSLR camera and clicking random pictures doesn’t make anybody a fashion photographer.  It’s their knowledge and years of work experience, which make them a good photographer.

I’ve spent 8 years to learn and understand photography, and other photographers must have spent 15-20 years to reach to the level where they are today.

But these so-called fashion photographers don’t realize the kind of hard work and dedication is required to become a successful fashion photographer.

Facebook has also played a significant role in creating a new breed of fashion photographers. Just create a Facebook page with your name and photography at the end of it (facebook.com/xxxxphotography). Now start uploading pictures of your friends, abstract, macro or anything… the more likes you have, the bigger photographer you are.

Here I am giving you an infographic, which will explain you how people are becoming fashion photographers quickly :)