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Catalogue Photography is rather a specialized discipline within the commercial photography category. Within the catalogue photography based on the product type and the selling requirement, one might require models, a strong conceptual theme or both to show off the product. There are two types in which catalogue photography can be done; one is the straight forward product shot that can be done quickly and requires less investment. The other is creating a theme and conceptually designed catalogue that revolves around the product. This type of catalogue photography takes time but has the ability to create a lasting impression on the consumer’s mind. Vipin Gaur Photography in Delhi does both kind of catalogue photography. 

While there has been a steady rise in these kinds of photography in the commercial arena in the world for some time now, India is catching up too and in this field, Vipin Gaur is a catalogue photographer in Mumbai who has been associated with photography for a decade. Vipin has conceptualized and worked on various thematic projects making him one of the most sought-after catalogue photographer in Delhi.  In this following link CATALOGUE PHOTOGRAPHY OF VIPIN’S you can check out the concept and straight forward catalogue that Vipin has designed and shot.  


In catalogue photography in Surat one of the important aspects is to emphasize the important features of the product. If required one might have to dress it up too in a straight forward shoot. A concept catalogue photo shoot requires a well thought out theme or a story that weave the products together and has the ability to retain the attention of the client for a longer duration.  


Since every business has a story to tell, depending on the product, it’s nature, and the photographer’s ideas a client can decide on whether to go for a straight forward catalogue shoot or a conceptual catalogue. As a well-known catalogue photographer in Noida, Surat, Vipin Gaur understands what a product requires. Fe aspects that are taken into consideration while deciding on the catalogue design and photography are as follows: 



Concepts that appeal to lifestyle desires, emotions and psyche that make a person buy the products. It is important to showcase how a product fits into a person’s lifestyle, touch the customer’s desire instinct with the catalogue.



Knowing the audience is important so the catalogue can be designed to appeal to that specific target audience. A catalogue targeting a younger audience will be designed differently than designed for a matured generation. Furthermore, there is also a significant difference between catalogues designed for business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C).



The rule of the thumb as an established catalogue photographer in Mumbai, India that Vipin Gaur goes by is the product is always the focus of the design. As the larger product photo generates more sales for the product.


While designing the catalogue as a photographer one must use consistent type styles and limit it to 2 to 3 fonts. A credible catalogue photographer in Delhi like Vipin Gaur will see to these minute details.  



With an experience to boast of Vipin Gaur Photography is one place where you can go to start your next catalogue photography and give your product the visibility it requires.

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