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India's Best

Commercial Photographer

Vipin Gaur Photography helps you in creating your brand through photographs. Commercial photography is all about capturing images that would help a company to advertise, market or sell a service, business, product or even a person(s). In this day and age, any photograph that is being used for a commercial purpose is a commercial photograph. While this is a broad arena, there are quite a few sub-categories within commercial photography. In today’s market, no marketing project is complete without photographs that promote a product and the same is in the Indian market. The competition is steep so demand for commercial photographers in Delhi, Noida, Mumbai and Surat too is in the rise.  

So what does a commercial photographer in India do? Is it all about capturing a beautiful image? In reality, a beautiful image is good to look at but a commercial photographer has to do more than that. He or she needs to understand the people and the commercial market of that product to capture the image that would make the required impact. An exceptional image might not resonate the message of the brand so a commercial photographer’s duty is to understand the client or the organization’s vision, the service and the brand so that he or she can create the image that will capture the essence properly and promote it too.  


Delhi being the heart of India and also the capital city the need for promoting a product in the metropolitan is quite high. While there are many photographers and studios that do commercial photography, Vipin Gaur Photography has a league of its own. Vipin Gaur has been in the photography business for over a decade and is quite a well-known commercial photographer in Delhi, Noida, Mumbai and Surat. His knowledge of different types of commercial photography only makes him one of the most sought-after photographers in the city.  Very rarely one finds a photographer who understands the niche areas of commercial photography with particular expertise.  

The primary areas that Vipin Gaur photography works in the commercial photography field are: Product Photography:  It requires sharp images to narrate a story that can be used in newspapers as ads, brochures, and other promotional materials. 

Portrait Photography: The art is created in a working environment where the background is used to specify the role of the model. 

Event Photography:  Often part of an ongoing campaign is used for capturing live events that are then published on websites and print media.

For the purpose of portraying your business in the right way and pivoting it towards a success that you have envisioned you would require a commercial photographer for your brand. But if you think spending money on commercial photography is not the worth then do rethink, because images speak volumes and people get more impact from visuals that writing.  If you have a business even if it is small instead of going for generic images try to spend some money on commercial photography. Generic images lack to capture the essence of your business that a paid commercial photographer would be able to.  

In case you have your business in Noida consider contacting Vipin Gaur Photography, the company will ensure you get the best commercial photographer in Noida to take your product’s images. Vipin Gaur will help you in transforming your brand with his photography.

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