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India's Best

Jewellery Photographer

A good photography can sell almost anything; the more amazing a product looks, the more people vie for buying it. India being the lovers of golden jewellery, photographing it with its shine can be quite daunting. But if you hire a good jewellery photographer in India you are already looking at your cash register ringing. While like any other photography jewellery photography can be quite challenging, there are certain aspects in jewellery that makes it difficult to be photographed in a way that would add more value to it rather than retract it. One such jewellery photographer in India who brings out the gaudy and sleek nature of the piece/s is Vipin Gaur and his company Vipin Gaur Photography.  

Vipin Gaur has been in this profession of photography for over a decade and if you visit his website you will find him playing with traditional jewellery pieces in his photographs that are mesmerizing while they are being strangely modernized. The uncanny way he photographs the jewellery pieces makes them unique style statement and thereby making Vipin one of the sought after jewellery photographers in Delhi.  


From Vipin Gaur’s jewellery photographs four features that a client can see, which makes the items radiant and glow are the following:

Lighting it: It is most important to get the proper light while photographing anything, but while photographing a jewellery piece it is important you get the right balance of light. Too much sunlight can make the picture harsh so go for a shaded area if you are photographing outside while the sun is bright. If indoors then flood the screen with light or else the image will be dull, grainy or blurry and the photograph will miss the details of the jewellery.

Use flash: You will see from Vipin Gaur’s pictures that he never uses a pointed small flash for jewellery photos. As a well-known jewellery photographer of Noida a rule of thumb that Gaur goes by is using a big flash that does not point towards the jewellery making the light look unnatural. While taking the photo point the flash towards the ceiling or the wall instead of directly at the jewellery, the light will bounce off making it go softer and more professional.

Control the reflection: As jewellery has stones, and other shiny parts it is quite natural that they will have reflection and as a photographer one needs to control that. In Vipin’s jewellery photographs you will never see any reflection and that can be achieved by placing a black or white card to block that.  Also you need to check your white balance, if it is wrong the entire jewellery color on the photo can go off, e.g. silver can look gold.

Composing the image: Jewellery is an innate object yet it can tell lots of stories if a photographer can create it. As Vipin Gaur does with his jewellery shots, one needs to find the right camera angle, correct props and compose the image to narrate the story.  

Vipin being a fashion and a model photographer for a long time has been quite adept as a jewellery photographer in Delhi, and his works speak volumes. So if you are looking for a jewellery photographer in Delhi or Noida contact Vipin Gaur and his company to showcase your products.

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