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Learn Best Photography Course in Noida

With over 15 years of experience in photography, Vipin Gaur is all set to train young aspiring photographers the advanced techniques of Fashion, advertising, and commercial photography. In the course, Vipin will give photography training in Noida, India that would be a one-on-one master class on the complexity of lighting, the professional and effective techniques that a professional photographer uses for styling a product, a model or any object to give meaning to it.  

People can join the Fashion photography course in Delhi, NCR conducted by Vipin Gaur Photography Classes that would teach the individuals all about posing, retouching and everything else that entails becoming a successful advertising and fashion photographer. The course is for three months and is extensive in nature. The e-commerce photography course held in India is an ‘Advanced Photography Course with whom Vipin will share all his experience and knowledge that he has gained over the period of 10 years while working in the industry.  

In this professional photography course in Delhi, Noida, Vipin will conduct the classes himself with the opportunity for the students to dabble with live projects to practice on. Probably this is the only course in India where students get the chance of working on live projects while being in training. After completion of the course, the students will receive a certificate of experience and an internship. The internship will include the opportunity for the students work and assist Vipin Gaur in various kinds of projects for three months. This will enable the students to get practical knowledge about working in the industry of photography.  

During the Fashion photography classes in Noida, Delhi, Mumbai and Surat the students will get the rare opportunity to work with industry’s best and the chance to work with all the team that a photographer requires for conducting and creating a perfect professional photo shoot. The team of people will include fashion stylists, makeup artists, art directors, and modelling agencies (for selecting the models for a shoot). The student will learn the various requirements that a photographer needs to understand while selecting a model, the colors, the composition, and the lighting to make a perfect, eye-catching shoot.  

The course will not only teach the students about the art of commercial and fashion photography but also the logistics and management for running a photography studio or business. Vipin Gaur will help the students to set it up.  He also assures that if a student works hard during the photography training program he/she will be all set to be part of the commercial and fashion photography market. The program is quite an extensive one hence by the end of it the student will have a portfolio that will help him to put his put into the field of photography.  

To understand how Vipin Gaur works and the images that he creates and captures do visit his website If you are one of the aspiring photographers and want to learn more about how such complex yet vibrant photos can be created then this learn photography course, advance photography course institute, best photography classes is for you. For more details on how to enroll please contact us..