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Top 10 fashion photographer in India- Vipin Gaur

Vipin Gaur-Fashion Photographer in India

One of the finest Fashion Photographer in Noida

Vipin Gaur has become a name to reckon with in Fashion photography in Delhi. He had been experimenting with camera and photography from his college days. Vipin realized his love for photography after directing and producing some short films and later working in the Mumbai film industry for a brief period of time. His stint in the film industry and as the director had led him into an in-depth understanding of how light and its variations can be used in commercial fashion photography. This characteristic sets apart Vipin Gaur from the others and makes him one of the best fashion photographer in India. Vipin Gaur is based in Noida, but he has not restricted him to one city.

It has been over a decade that Vipin has been working as a fashion photographer in Noida Mumbai and Surat. The fashion photography industry in Delhi, Mumbai, Surat as well as in India is quite tough and it is even far tougher to survive in it for a decade. However, Vipin has been able to become one of the most sought-after Fashion photographer in Indian fashion industry. This is because he is able to capture the models in their natural moments while keeping in mind what the art director wants. These comprehensive understanding of his work, makes him one of the most preferred fashion photographer in India

With his stellar portfolio boasts of brand names like Gionee, Fiat, Coke, Berger Paints, Mark & Spencer and many more, he has worked with industry’s leading ad agencies like JWT, Rediffusion, Interactive Avenues, etc.’The pictures clicked by him carry a razor-sharp clarity showcasing colorful, vibrant images that represent something different and unique. While his works look quite innovative and expensive. He approaches each assignment with a monk-like ‘mindfulness’ and ‘calmness’. This helps him deliver images that are clean, clear and cutting-edge, capturing & conveying the idea/theme/story point blank. Being one of the best fashion photographers in India he rarely uses any fancy equipment. 

Vipin’s works is centered on capturing the light in the correct angle, having the perfect exposure and the experience of using colors. His knowledge enables him to create the perfect portfolio for individuals who want to tread the path of modelling or in movie industry. With his experience in the field of fashion photography in Mumbai, Vipin not only captures right pictures but helps in building a perfect portfolio. He is so far the best Fashion Photographer in Noida.

As working in the sector of fashion photography in India for quite some time now he has started a company VG STUDIOS  The team’s effort is in providing you with the wardrobe that suits you, styles and makeup that enhances your features. These extra efforts help in bringing forth the style and fashion quotient that is within you. A professional fashion photographer like Vipin will also ensure that your pictures are captured under different themes, mood, and looks. With his knowledge in photography, he ensures that the light adds more character to your photograph.

Since Vipin Gaur has been one of the best fashion photographers in the Delhi he has contacts in the fashion industry. In all likelihood, he might be able to give you the names of the proper modelling agencies. All these services in the fashion industry do not come free of cost, for proper fashion photography, one need to shell out some cash. But look at it as an investment to make it big in the fashion industry.

Apart from fashion photography institute in Delhi Vipin Gaur’s photography includes advertising campaign photography, beauty photography, product photography and other commercial photography. Vipin Gaur also teaches photography.