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Vipin Gaur Fashion Photographer in India

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My tryst with camera began in college days when I directed and produced several short films and was lucky enough to learn from the masters of the trade. A brief stint with the Mumbai Film industry was enough for me to understand my calling. In fact, thanks to this experience, today my strength lies in understanding the need of Art Directors, and thus giving them the exact results has become easy. 

My days of experimenting with different lights have helped me get an edge to achieve what I want technically, rather than a fluke. I was associated with CANON for a good long period and hold workshops for budding photographer all over India. Now I am associated with ELINCHROM-India and developed video tutorials for how to effectively use Elinchrom Lights in photography.

My experience with Adobe Photoshop is as old as Adobe Photoshop in India.  What started as an experiment soon led to obsession. Today, it is like a challenge; every picture that I want in a certain way, I click it in original, minimising the Photoshop work coz I know where the picture would need tweaking on the desk and hence, I eliminate the chance as much as possible.

Shoots set my creative side rolling.  Add to it, a dash of glamour; throw in some oomph, mix some high music and its gets my adrenaline rushing. I might come out as a bit of an introvert but I can talk endlessly with my shutterbugs. My first camera was a DSLR, Canon 400D that I bought in 2007 and after fiddling with it for two years, I was industry ready.

In 2010, I entered into professional photography and purchased a Canon 5D Mark II DSLR. My work has been published in several national publications like Femina, cosmopolitan, Grazia, Hindustan times, Wedding Affaires, Asiana Weddings, GrehashobhaSakhi and others. I have also done the Advertising campaign for IPL Team Pune Warriors.

Having worked with many fashion designers and models from around the world, I realise, it’s always the natural moments that we capture which make for the best ones. I finally rewarded myself with a Hasselblad 4D in 2013 and it seems the journey has just got better since then.

So, here I take a plunge into the world of colours and ready to shoot the right things the right way!