Our objective lies in the reason for starting this academy 'the need for international standard education in the photography industry.' ​

We are not just an institute; we are the academy by professionals and for professionals. We have an ultra-modern studio, equipped with the latest equipment to carry out professional shoots. Furthermore, this is where we teach our students! So it is not just an academy; it is a professional studio where students will learn all the nuisances of the professional photography industry.
While learning, students will interact with professional stylists, makeup artists, fashion stylists, designers, art directors, international models, and other influential personalities from the fashion and commercial industry.

We do not want to be like any school, we want our students to thrive and excel in the photography industry, and that is only possible if the teachers are not just the teachers, but working professionals. Only a professional can give practical experience and teach all the nitty-gritty of commercial photography, whereas, a qualified professor can enlighten artistic sense.

That is what we do and will keep doing it till the time our students establish themselves as a professional photographer.

What Our Students Have to Say