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Online Photography & Film Making Course

With Vipin Gaur

Fashion & Advertising Photographer

Meet Vipin Gaur: Your Mentor in the Art of Photography

In the ever-evolving world of photography, where every click tells a story, Vipin Gaur stands as a luminary whose lens captures not just moments but the very essence of elegance and creativity. With a remarkable 15-year journey in the photography industry, Vipin Gaur has not only carved a niche for himself but has become a name synonymous with innovation, expertise, and mentorship.

Specializing in Fashion and Advertising Photography

Vipin Gaur’s lens has gracefully captured the essence of elegance in collaborations with national and international brands. His ability to understand and translate diverse visions into captivating visual stories has made him a sought-after name in the industry.

A Visionary Educator

More than a photographer, Vipin Gaur is an educator at heart. His passion for sharing knowledge has led him to lecture in universities and institutes. As a mentor for Nikon, he imparts technical prowess and creative insight, nurturing both budding and experienced photographers.

Celebrity Portraits and Beyond

Vipin’s lens has immortalized moments with celebrities like Shikar Dhawan, Ram Kapoor, Ali Fazal, Kriti Kharbanda, and more. His creativity extends beyond celebrity portraits, encompassing diverse subjects from automobiles to interiors and products.

Vipin Gaur Photography, Renowned Fashion and Advertising Photographer of India

Ready to Elevate Your Photography Skills?

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Embark on a transformative journey into the world of photography with Vipin Gaur as your guide. Whether you’re an aspiring photographer or a seasoned enthusiast, this is your opportunity to refine your craft under the mentorship of a distinguished professional. Unleash your creativity, master technical intricacies, and capture moments with finesse. Limited slots available—seize the chance to join a community of passionate learners. Elevate your photography game, one click at a time. Enroll now and let your visual storytelling journey begin!

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Last Date for Admission is 10th February

Course Content

What is Photography, Different Types of Photography, and How to train your brain to see things differently

History of Photography, History of Fashion Photography

Sensor vs Mega Pixels, BIS sensors, Different Type of Lenses, Dynamic Range

Anatomy of a DSLR, Mirrorless vs DSLR, Modes & Features in DSLR, Focusing technologies

Different type of Storage medium

Understanding Color Temperature & Kelvin Settings, Custom White Balance, and Creative picture Profiles

Understanding Exposure, Aperture, Shutter, ISO, Exposure Triangle, Exposure Meter

Natural Light, Artificial Light, Continuous Vs Strobe Lights, Reflective Lights, Speed Lights

Cataloging process, Tethering process, Managing your Images, Basic corrections, Color Grading

Use of Different Types of Filters, Using Reflected Light with Reflectors, and Skimmers to Soften the Harsh Sunlight, Correcting DOF, Understanding Outdoor Portraits, Outdoor Fashion Shoots, Outdoor Product Photography

Correcting exposure in Low light, Working with a slow shutter speed, Taking Shots in Low Light without Noise, Understanding Lowlight Portraits, First curtain Sync, Second Curtain Sync, Using Speed Light for Portraits a7 Fashion

Type of portraits, Requirements of a Good Portrait, Best Camera Settings for Portraits

Choosing the right lens 

Understanding the importance of Composition, Elements of Framing

Composition Rules, Practical usage of Composition

Concepts, Lighting, Props

Concepts, Lighting, Props, FlatLays, Difference between Advertising Shots vs E-commerce Shots

Lighting Setup, Dos & Don’ts, Processing Images for websites

Different types of Fashion Photography, Understand the need for Makeup & Hair Styling, Mood Boards, wardrobes, Fashion Stylists, Seamless backgrounds, Canvas Backdrops, DIY backdrops.

Video Mode in DSLR, Frame Rates, Exposure for videos, Sound Recording, and Three-point lighting for Interviews.

Film Making Process, Camera and Lighting equipment, Story Boarding, Audio, Story Telling, Cinematography

Wide Angle, Mid Angle, Closeup, High Angle, Low Angle, Dutch Angle, Vertigo Effects

Final Cut Pro Editing, DaVinci Resolve Color Grading

Website Creation, Promoting your work through social media

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  • I completed Lighting course with Vipin sir. Had a really wonderful experience with sir. I'm from lucknow I stay there for 2 months, after compliting my course I can see the changes in my photography & lighting skills. Highly recomended.

    Anubhav Verma Avatar Anubhav Verma

    I visited to Vipin ji 5 months back for my son's Admission. Right now my Son assisting him. His guidance made my son a different person. His way of teaching is different from any other institution. Vipin ji is extremely knowledgeable and experienced person in the field of photography. Last but not least very very thanks to Miss. Shilpa ma'am.

    Balwant singh Avatar Balwant singh

    Had a really awesome experience at this institute. Photography has been my hobby since the start and now it has also become a plus point for my future. I have been doing a photography since a long time but then I wanted to learn photography professionally so I reach out to Vipinsir. I pursued a Fashion Photography course here. My photography skills have now noticeably improved and reached new heights. The entire VG STUDIO’s team is very experienced and supportive. Had a great practical learning experience here. Doing the course here was definitely worth its value.

    Nikhil Bhuved Avatar Nikhil Bhuved
  • I stay in Saudi Arabia. I was on summer vacation so did an one month course with Vipin Gaur academy to learn basic about photography. It was an enlightening experience. Mr Vipin Gaur is extremely knowledgeable and passionate . He is encouraging and makes you feel comfortable . I would like to thank him for his time and support in this endless journey of learning. He is assisted by Ms Shipla Rishi who was proactive and coordinated the classes schedule well . A special thanks to fellow students Rohit and Suraj who made my experience worth remembering .

    Antara Mehta Avatar Antara Mehta

    I always wanted to pursue my hobby of photography but I lacked in the core fundamentals of doing so. After searching for almost a month I found Vipin sir's academy of photography which helped me alot in polishing my photography skills and especially his practical sessions are really exciting. Vipi sir's studio at the end gave wonderful opportunities.

    Harender singh Avatar Harender singh

    After choosing photography as my elective subject in college, later I have decided to choose this field as my full time career but good or I can say excellent photography schools are very less in delhi. After running through a long photography school's list, I have joined the academy of Mr. Vipin gaur. Which proved excellent school for me to learn photography. Here I have got the complete in & out of the photography world and even how to handle studio and other stuff. Which is essential for every photographer.

    Satyam Prajapati Avatar Satyam Prajapati
  • I learned so many things from Vipin Sir. he is a very great teacher always ready to help his students and also encourage them to become better .

    Bibhu Sharma Avatar Bibhu Sharma

    Best photography and filmography course

    Himanshu Chaudhary C Avatar Himanshu Chaudhary C

    Vipin Gaur is a magnum opus when it comes to photography! The work of this acclaimed photographer stands out against a sophisticated , fluid navigation & light elements that leave the room for images to speak for themselves. My unveiling shoot as Miss India for Miss Asia 2019 was done by Mr.Gaur and his team and I couldn’t have asked for better professionals to handle the job. His work will leave you spellbound! Working with him makes way for some exciting , innovative, eye catching shots. Beautiful results. Absolutely loved working with him.

    Samiksha Singh Avatar Samiksha Singh
  • Vipin is very warm and takes efforts in doing every bit that will help you getting comfortable and bring out your best in the photographs. He has build an amazing team of people who are very professional and passionate about their work.

    Aditi Mishra Avatar Aditi Mishra

    Had a great experience, enjoyed working with the entire crew, make up artist, stylist and photographer. Very professional and informative. I came in unprepared and by the end of the session I was prepared, knowledgeable and ready to step into the modeling industry. Love it🤩👌 Thank you thank you so much: VG STUDIO @vgstudiosind Vipin sir (Photographer @vipingaur) Ajay sir (Stylist @ajaybishtajay) Mintu (Makeup @makeup.mintukumar.singh) Hafeez sir (Designer @hafeez_suhail) Last but not the least Shilpa.Thank you Shilpa 😊👏 YOU GUYS ROCK ✌️✌️

    mayankbhardwaj74 Avatar mayankbhardwaj74

    I had my portfolio shoot done by Vipin sir and he is really supportive throughout the shoot providing guidance where needed to be and I am really greatful that he shot my portfolio.

    Nikhil Singh Avatar Nikhil Singh
  • It was a great experience learning from Vipin Sir. The work and design aesthetics are commendable. His passion and dedication towards his shoots is really something to look upon.

    Nancy Gupta Avatar Nancy Gupta


    Manoj Kumar Avatar Manoj Kumar

    The kind of exposure one experiences at VG Studios is unparalleled to any other. Here, you can experience every aspect of photography with hands on experience and unlike other's where u go thru the mundane routine of class and the handout structure here u r crafted to develop ur own unique style and think out of the box.One's creative bent of mind is nurtured here. Indoor and outdoor both kind of shoots are dealt with equal importance. Simply to sum it up, the exposure is beyond the limitations of words -- If you want to experience it go thru it.

    Krish Avatar Krish

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