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Online is not a best way to learn photography. Online videos can help you understand the basics of photography, or maybe theoretically, you will know everything, but there is a big difference in knowing something or doing something. 

So what should you do? Answer is simple! 

Learn photography from professional Photographer

I have more than 12 years of experience in fashion & Commercial Photography, and I will help you to become a professional photographer. Join my Short Term Photography Courses to gain practical knowledge of Fashion photography and other genres of commercial photography.

Short term photography courses

Certificate course in
Fashion Photography

Duration: 3 Months
Fee: 90,000/-

In this fashion photography course, you will learn the professional techniques of lighting, styling, and retouching, which is required to become a successful Fashion Photographer.

Certificate course in
E-commerce Photography

Duration: 1 Month
Fee: 18,000/-

E-commerce photography is the demand for the future. In this e-commerce photography course, I will teach you the lighting & retouching techniques to capture perfect shots.

Certificate course in
Portfolio Photography

Duration: 1 Month
Fee: 46,000/-

The Modeling portfolio is a lucrative business. In this course, I will teach you Lighting, Posing, and Styling techniques, that are required to shoot a model professionally.

Certificate course in
Product Photography

Duration: 1 Month
Fee: 38,000/-

Product photography is a full-fledged business model, which you can start from your home. In this course, I will teach you to capture products professionally with studio lights or DIY equipment.

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Who should join Short Term Photography Courses?

Anybody who has limited time and wants to gain practical knowledge in photography can join this course. These short term photography courses are best for those who want to learn photography at a fast pace and have basic knowledge of photography. 

Here is a list of people who should join my Short term Photography Courses.

  • Wedding Photographers 
  • Working Professionals
  • College Students
  • Street Photographers
  • Candid Photographers
  • And You! (If you have basic knowledge of your camera.)


If you don’t have basic knowledge, then first join my Basic Photography Course, and after that, you can select your choice of short term courses. All of my short term photography courses are commercial courses, and by doing these, you can establish yourself as a professional photographer.

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