Why do you need a portfolio?

You must have heard from a lot of people that you will need a professionally done portfolio if you want to take up modelling and acting as a serious career option. You must be wondering if it is really needed. Well, let me dispel your doubts- you don’t just need a portfolio for your career in the world of fashion and glamour, instead, it is the first important thing that will give you access to the world of glamour.

A portfolio is your one and only professional entry point into this field! It is actually your business card to the modelling world.

The thing is that people appreciate the professionalism from the beginning, especially in fields like this where there is always a neck-to-neck competition.  If you approach the clients or agencies with a nicely prepared portfolio, it makes a good first impression rather than just a few unprofessionally taken pictures.

As a photographer working in this field for quite some time now, it really becomes vexing when someone sends in just a cluster of pictures rather than a professionally done portfolio.  What’s the outcome?  The photos all go into trash whereas the portfolios are the ones that are scrutinized for consideration.

And plus think about it, you will have to approach so many agencies and clients throughout your career, all of whom you will probably not be able to meet in person, but if you have a portfolio ready, you can always forward them that! In short, a portfolio makes you look more serious and professional.

Okay, so by now you must have realized how important a portfolio is for your modelling and acting career.  However, you need to have an idea of what a professionally done portfolio is like.

You cannot put a bunch of pictures in your portfolio, clicked by your friend, who has a fancy DSLR, and produce them to the casting agencies and production house!

So, how exactly are you supposed to build up your portfolio?

Well, if you are serious for modelling, you need to approach a professional photographer since he can only make the quality portfolio that you need. Professional fashion photographer will have a team of experienced makeup artisthairstylist, a fashion stylist, and also a proper wardrobe to pull off your portfolio. Something which not amateur photographers in Delhi can provide you.

In addition to that, you need to be shot in proper studio lighting and need around 5-6 different looks that capture various moods and themes.

It is true that an amateur photographer will offer to get your portfolio done at a much cheaper cost, but then neither will you get one of the best makeup artists and stylists in the industry nor the pictures have that finish that a professionally done portfolio demands! To make things worse, amateurs tend to edit the pictures a lot, which acts as a negative factor for the overall presentation.

Amateur photographers don’t have the skills, experience, and team which is required to make a good portfolio. And Secondly, stay away to the photographers who edit the pictures a lot, coz agencies will straight away reject your portfolio.

So, not only it’s important to get a portfolio done but it should be done by an experienced professional. A professional photographer will also be able to guide you with a list of agencies that you can approach with your portfolio. It is true that you will need to shell out some cash for this step, but it will be worth it for your future since it will become next to impossible for you to survive in the world of modelling and acting without a professionally done portfolio!

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